Bluetooth Audio Night Light Atmosphere Light



1. Use the more popular plush cartoon elements.
2. The lighting is clear, with stepless dimming and breathing gradient light.
3. This product is warm and cute, and can be used as a portable take-out or sleeping in the bedroom.
4. Bluetooth version of this product (Bluetooth version provides speaker loudspeaker function).
5. The product is used according to different gears, full charge time: about 3h, the brightest brightness: 7h, the darkest brightness: 24h

Product information:

1. Material: silicone + ABS + PET + 100% polyester + 100% polyester fiber
(1) Product fabric material: 100% polyester filling 100% polyester fiber
(2) Body material: silicone + ABS + PET

Light color: bear, rabbit

2. Approximate product size:
Bear style: 145*125* 245mm.
Rabbit style: 145*125*365mm
3. Packing: color box
4. Accessories: USB-Type-C data cable
5. Power parameters: 5W
6.Battery capacity:
Bluetooth 2000 mAh
7. Working voltage/current: 5V/1000MA

Packing list:

Ambient Light*1

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